Afrodjmac’s Classic Video Games Ableton Pack

8 bit synths afro dj mac

Songwriter, producer, sound designer, Afrodjmac is always sharing his latest creations. One of his recent hits is his classic video game samples. If you’re looking to add some nostalgia to your tunes, read on. If you’re looking for some interesting sounds and effects to play with and make your own, read on. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, might as well read on.

Afrodjmac divides the many features of the pack into four categories: effects, drums, simple waveform synths, and complex multi-layered synths. The effects are useful to give things an 8-bit feel, and they can be used on any sounds even if they are not from the pack. There are 20 drums and percussion instruments that include basic drum sounds as well as glitches, pops, FX, and more. For flashbacks to those late nights hunched in front of a screen, play around with the simple waveform synths. These are taken directly from the NES and Gameboy. The multi-layered synths are more complex, tweaked versions of the simple synths.

To get the sounds out of the NES, Afrodjmac used MIDINES, a custom cartridge with a MIDI cable coming out. And for the game boy he used Synthboy by Ninstrument. Ninstrument will actually custom make this product for any classic video game system.

Listen to these sounds in action:

When you buy the pack you can also view the Ableton Live Sets for all these songs and hopefully get some good ideas of how you can use the sounds. The pack is only 19.99 and you can buy it below! You can also read more about this pack here.

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