Synthesis Program

Experience music in the moment, with like-minded people. In an intimate setting, you will get hands-on experience using hardware synthesizers in a variety of different configurations. Through this course, you will gain a basic understanding of subtractive synthesis, functions of a sequencer/drum machine, basic song structure, an overview of performative effects, and be able to cohesively write and perform a song with hardware on the spot.

This course is 24 hours ($50/hour).

Cost: $1,200

Synthesis Program



  • Signal Flow
  • The Mixing Console
  • The Drum Machine
  • Synthesizer
  • The Sampler
  • Effects

Classes will consist of 4 students. Together, they will develop analog hardware and performance skills. Various groups of two or three students will be asked to perform and improvise together. Once the program is finished, the students will have an ability to play live for their friends and family in one of the city’s clubs.

Offered on Fridays from 7pm-10pm

This course is now full.

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Fridays 11/30/18 - 1/18/19 7pm - 10pm
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Synthesis Program

Fridays 11/30/18 – 1/18/19 7pm – 10pm


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