Music Production 102

Music Production 102 is an intermediate class. The class is geared towards students who know they want to produce music, who are avid listeners, rappers, DJs, instrumentalists, or those with a little bit of compositional experience. In this class, we will learn to produce a track from beginning to end, learn about a variety of synths, learn different styles of workflow, and critically listening to music.

This course is 45 hours ($55/hour). Save $500 by combining with Music Production 101 in our Music Production Certificate Program!

Cost: $2,530

Music Production 102



  • Having spent some time playing around inside of Ableton Live.
  • Knowing the layout of Ableton Live.
  • Being able to program a basic beat, time stretch tracks, trigger clips and understand the difference between Midi and audio.


  • Mixing
  • Effects
  • Programming MIDI and midi effects
  • Synthesis and synth programming
  • Sound design
  • Workflow development
  • Environment customization
  • Basic music theory

Offered on weeknights 7pm–10:30pm, weekends 11am–2:30pm and 3-6:30pm

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Mon & Wed 12/17/18 - 2/4/19 7pm - 10:30pm (no class 12/24/18, 12/26/18, & 12/31/18)
Sat & Sun 1/19/19-2/24/19 (11am – 2:30pm)
Sat & Sun 12/15/18 - 1/27/19 3pm - 6:30pm (no class 12/22/18 & 12/23/18)
Tue & Thu 1/22/19-2/28/19 (7pm – 10:30pm)
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Music Production 102

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