Master Program

The Master Program is the most complete and extensive program we offer, clocking in at over 128 hours of hands-on instruction. It is the most cost-efficient way to take advantage of all our course offerings.

First, students will take DJ 101 & 102, where they will master the decks and leave with their first mix and a live show under their belt. Next, students will dive into the world of production with our 60+ hour course, where they will learn the ins and outs of the software and leave with at least one original track. Finish off the program with the Synthesis Program, where students will get hands-on experience using hardware synthesizers in a variety of different configurations.

Combines DJ Program + Music Production Certificate Program + Synthesis Program (134 Hours – $35/hr) + Unlimited lab time

Cost: $4,690
Value: $5,500

Master Program

$5,500.00 $4,690.00

DJ PROGRAM – 50 hours

DJ 101

  • Learn the ins and outs of the equipment
  • Author your first six-song mini mix
  • What’s Covered: History, How the DJ setup works: Turntables, Mixer, Headphones, etc., & Basic Music Theory
  • Into to digital mixing with Serato: Mixing Styles, Learn the art of beat-matching, Tempo & Pitch, Sound Design: find out what makes a good mix

DJ 102

  • Organize your favorite tracks and get in the mix with different styles
  • Learn how to play LIVE
  • What’s Covered: Mixing Techniques with Serato (including looping, bitrates and building crates), Serato Commands, Advanced DJ Concepts: Scratching, Beat Juggling, Sampling, Learn how to blend different genres, The Marketplace: Branding and Promotion

You will develop these skills working at your own personal station equipped with industry standard and cutting edge technology and software. You will get hands-on experience from the best DJs and Producers in Boston who will make sure you master all the necessary techniques while sharing their valuable experience and insights of the industry.



  • Critical listening
  • Vocabulary development
  • Hotkeys
  • Layout
  • Building basic bass lines and drum parts
  • Music Theory
  • Song Form


  • Mixing
  • Effects
  • Programming MIDI and midi effects
  • Synthesis and synth programming
  • Sound design
  • Workflow development
  • Environment customization
  • Basic music theory

You will learn to create basic beats and bass lines and begin learning the vocabulary of electronic music – then produce a track from beginning to end, while learning about a variety of synths, different styles of workflow, and critically listening to music.


Experience music in the moment, with like-minded people.

In an intimate setting, students will get hands-on experience using hardware synthesizers in a variety of different configurations. Students will gain a basic understanding of subtractive synthesis, functions of a sequencer/drum machine, basic song structure and an overview of performative effects. By the end of the program, students will be able to cohesively write and perform a song with hardware on the spot.

Instruments and concepts covered:

  • Signal Flow
  • The Mixing Console
  • The Drum Machine
  • Synthesizer
  • The Sampler
  • Effects

Classes will consist of 4-6 students. Together they will develop analog hardware and performance skills. Various groups of two or three students will be asked to perform and improvise together. Once the program is finished, the students will have an opportunity to play live with their friends and family in one of the city’s clubs.

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Mon & Wed 8/6/18 - 11/28/18 7-10:30pm) + Synthesis Program Fridays TBA 6-9pm
Sat & Sun 8/4/18 - 11/25/18 (3-6:30pm) + Synthesis Program Fridays TBA 6-9pm
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Master Program



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