Music Production with Ableton Program

Music ProductionDo you dream of making your own music?



Want to master the art of Music Production and start composing your tracks today?

We live in an exciting time. Whether you are an accomplished musician already or have no prior training whatsoever, contemporary technology is making it possible for you to start producing music from scratch in your own home. Welcome to MMMMAVEN – a music technology school located right in Central Square in Cambridge. Our comprehensive Music Production Program will teach you the necessary skills to make your own track in as little as 60 hours of instruction. The program is centered around Ableton Live – world’s leading music production software with live performance capabilities. We offer evening and weekend classes for kids and adults as well as pricing options and payment plans. We invite you to come and tour our studio and we’ll throw in a free DJ lesson with the tour.

Click here to learn more about our Music Production program  or follow the steps below if you’d like to schedule a studio tour.

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