Leah V (DJ)

Leah Vitiello is a magic mystery. Just kidding. She’s a kid who had this idea that it’d be super rad to become a DJ. She didn’t know of any female DJ’s, and ever since she was a young’n, Leah has been drawn to things that were outside the box. “I liked to stand out and let my freak flag fly I suppose. I always had a love for music, and I was lucky to have parents who exposed me to amazing sounds.” Leah knew how to cue up a record on her father’s Technics 1200 by the time she was 6 years old. It’s that very collection of vintage records that started her first crate and her first bedroom set-up. Leah started going to clubs by the time she was 16, and fell in love with the nightlife culture and hasn’t budged from it since.

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