Big Bear (DJ)

Brian Karanja, better known as DJ Big Bear, is known to be in a league of his own. Pushing the envelope at every turn, Karanja projects a larger than life energy that brings all kinds of people together. His style of music draws connections throughout history.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, DJ Big Bear is very passionate about his culture and his roots. When he was younger his family and friends asked him to create playlists for their parties and events. He continued to build his craft and grow more as a DJ. During his college years, Big Bear continued to connect with the African diaspora in Boston, providing playlists for many African events on campuses all over the Boston area.

He is the co-mastermind behind a movement called Forgo Your Box (FYB); a collective way of thinking creatively without limiting oneself with pre-conceived ideas or notions. FYB began a mixtape series with the release of smash hits “Jeffrey” and “Sucker Punch.” He is also a founding member of a group of DJs, designers, photographers, fashion designers, and videographers called CLLCTV BOSTON. Their main mission is to bring together the creative people of Boston in a collaboration effort through parties and fashion shows.