Intro to Ableton: Making & Mixing Sounds w/ Justin Maribito

03.10.17 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
614 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02118
Sarah Hoffman
617 879 8671
Intro to Ableton: Making & Mixing Sounds w/ Justin Maribito @ Mmmmaven | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

In this workshop we are going to learn about the different ways we can create sounds. There are many different kinds of sounds between real instruments, samples, and synthesized sounds. We will utilize Ableton Live’s tools to discuss the basics of how to cover each style of sound you could use.

We will start with covering the difference between synthesized and sampled sounds. We will cover four basic sound waves and where each has its use in a commercial track. From there, we will cover sound sampling using Ableton Live’s Simpler and Sampler, give a rundown of the different techniques that exist for utilizing sampled sounds, and we will cover basic effects as well. Finally, we will cover basic mixing techniques to add power and clarity to sounds, along with how to get sounds to sit well together.

At the end of this workshop you will have a basic understanding of how to create and fit sounds into your tracks. So let’s do it!

Justin Maribito is an electronic music producer, cialis singer, DJ and audio engineer from Boston. His passion for music stems from a young age, and he transferred this passion into music production in college after realizing how much can be made “in the box” with software. Justin was never a strong instrumentalist (though he plays guitar, bass and piano), so electronic music gave him the ability to express the rhythms and melodies that are always playing in his head.

While he works in many different genres, Justin is mostly interested in creating hard-hitting and vocal-driven melodic dubstep that fuses essences of alternative and post-hardcore rock music. He is always pushing to innovate with his sound which he calls NuBass. He is relentless in finding new and unique ways to explore music, both in production, mixing/mastering, and exposure. Justin has released over 20 tracks to this date and is working to release a new, self-titled EP in 2017.


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