Alummmmni: Brian Drey, Cosmic AfriKan, and Dissoule

We don’t get enough time to highlight the amazing work of our graduates, so here’s some catching up.

Mmmmaven DJ course graduate DJ Brian Drey performed at the House of Blues Halloween Party and just dropped his new deep ethnic mix:

Meanwhile Cosmic AfriKan dropped a deep house mix (“keep happy my friends…!”)

And here’s recent graduate Dissoule playing a gig out at Zuzu in Cambridge:

We’re ALWAYS filling up our weekend production and DJ classes, the next of which begin April 7th!

Reach out: or call 617-945-2621

OR book a tour here.

Make It New Announces Its Newest Resident DJ: Punisher

Make It New Announces Its Newest Resident DJ: Punisher

To celebrate, the Detroit-bred producer releases an exclusive mix.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — [Cambridge, MA] — Based across the river at Middlesex Lounge, Mmmmaven music night Make It New has put “Boston” on the international map. And now, it is happy to welcome its latest resident DJ: Punisher.

An original gangster of techno, Michelle Herrmann, better known to the masses as Punisher, began her music career back when mix tapes were still popular. She is a Detroit native with over 24 years behind the turntables, synthesizers and drum machines. Michelle was drawn to music and the creative side of life from the beginning. She was fortunate to find her way into the early 90’s Detroit techno scene when the energy was awe inspiring, from that moment Punisher emerged.

As a record aficionado, her preference behind the decks is playing vinyl and her knowledge of records is vast. Her studio tracks are devoted to hardware, analog gear and spontaneous live mix downs.

As a resident of Make It New, expect Herrmann to appear regularly at the Middlesex Lounge. A strong understanding of machines and midi programming allows her to perform powerful, dancefloor-igniting, live PA sets that take you on a journey through hypnotic, cerebral soundscapes. Michelle released her first two records in 1997 on Detroit label Matrix and has since appeared on over 40 different releases on internationally recognized labels including Detroit Underground, Synewave and her own imprint Hej Records.

While mainly focused on techno and house, Michelle has the ability to play across multiple genres. Punisher has performed at clubs and festivals all over the globe, alongside world renowned acts such as Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, and The Orb. Michelle will continue to travel where the music takes her in pursuit of musical enlightenment.

Listen to Punisher’s exclusive mix for this announcement here:

Punisher begins her residency at Make It New on Thursday, April 12th.

Intern with Mmmmaven This Spring


Mmmmaven, Boston’s first 24/7 electronic music education and production company, seeks interns to assist in day-to-day operations of a school and a event production. Individuals should be positive-thinking and multi-faceted with a considerable knowledge and understanding of electronic dance music in all its varied forms. Interns will chiefly assist in promotions and marketing.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Magical Digital Spaceship here.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Promoting events like our weekly Make It New and various and managing awareness of events through social media, press releases and street team awareness.
  • Generate content for blog posts and contests, be it artist interviews or profiles of profiles
  • Promote Mmmmaven Project educational initiative online and
  • Maintaining a database of important contacts and email addresses.
  • Event production.
  • Social media marketing and branding.
  • Following through on Action Items and important research tasks.

The Mmmmaven Internship is unique in that, as a multi-faceted company, you can move laterally between different duties and responsibilities. We can mold an internship around your interests and desires. There is always an opportunity to perhaps create a part or full-time job in the end.


  • Knowledge of the social media landscape.
  • The desire to see efforts rewarded.
  • A healthy mental attitude towards fellow humans and a desire to make everyone’s life better.
  • A general knowledge or interest in computer-based music.

Required Skills/Experience:
Graphic design and video experience is a big plus. Should be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, business and/or music industry. Should be proficient in (WordPress, Google documents and Gmail preferred) and a laptop. A knowledge of social media is a must. Preferred skills include FTP, WordPress, and .html knowledge, event production plus DJing experience and/or experience making electronic music.

Schedule: 20 hours/week preferred.

Location: Cambridge, Central Square

Unpaid. Access to events throughout the year and lots and lots of great music. Experience with a dynamic team of producers, DJs and creatives. Applicants may receive credit, subject to school approval. The potential is there for this to become a full-time job.

Please email your resume to with the Subject line: “Mmmmaven Internship”

We’re In Boston Common Magazine!


So I’m in the exurbs of Boston last weekend–at a jewelry store of all places–and talk turns to what I do for a living.

“And what do you do for a living, young man?” A charming older woman says to me.

“I work at a music technology and DJ school in Cambridge…” my voice trailing off, knowing she is likely not going to have any idea what I am talking about.

I was just reading about that!!!” She says, to my shock. “It was in my favorite magazine…” as she walks down the counter to pick one up.

Turns out her favorite magazine is the free Boston Common magazine, and the latest issue had just come out. And wouldn’t you know it, there we were, on page 54. The headline was So You Think You Can DJ?.


So what is their take on what we do inside the lab? It’s a pretty clever write-up actually.

Then take 90 seconds and listen to this:

And then email me and we’ll get started!