Krikor Releases NYC TR-707 Instruments

Alerted by a Retweet from @Ableton, we learned that Krikor, a longtime French favorite of ours, released another set of instruments on Ableton, this time for the vintage NYC TR-707. Grab it at the post below.

Way more on Krikor Kouchian phenomenon at the Ableton blog. Plus click around his bountiful blog.

The Ultimate Guide to Every Berlin Club

S/O Music ReDef for turning us onto this post.

via EBNet: “Those of us who live in Berlin know that the city is unparalleled in terms of its nightlife offerings. But for people who are new to the clubbing capital, traveling through, or just want a change of pace, some lesser-known but wonderful music institutions might pass under the radar.

Most of us know to queue up at Tresor or Berghain for an epic night out. But if you’re looking for a different experience—like a sex party at KitKatClub, a punk show at Urban Spree, or a laid-back drink at the rooftop bar Klunkerkranich—then we recommend you consult the list below.”

Read on for nearly 50 suggestions for where you—or your visiting tourist friends—should go when you’re out in Berlin.

Can make it to Berlin? #MakeItNew is each and every Thursday.

EP Preview from MMMMAVEN’s instructors Mitchell & Kareem

Check out this EP coming out on 7/13/18 on Digital Den Records featuring originals and remixes from 2 of MMMMAVEN music production instructors – Mitchell Owens (aka Subalias) and Kareem Clarke (aka Tony Clarke).

The EP will be available exclusively on beatport on 7/13/18 and everywhere else on 7/27/18.

MMMMAVEN DJ Alumni in Action

They take a DJ class and then after 2 short months we release them “into the wild”.  The idea behind our DJ classes is to get aspiring artists ready to play in a variety of different settings and to give them the confidence and skills to play any gig of their dreams.

Recently, we checked in with some alums and asked them what were some of their favorite or most memorable gigs since they finished their time here at MMMMAVEN. Here is what they had to say.


“House Of Blues gig for the Big Brother Big Sisters Big Night event back in January. I played for about 1000 people alongside Misterwives, Saint Motel, and Matoma to help raise money for BBBSMB.”

Facebook Page: 

Flow Trigger

“I am super pumped to have played at Dancing on the Charles on Sat 6/9! It was really the event that got me into the Boston music scene in the first place, so will be incredible to experience it from behind the decks”


“Royale Nightclub on St. Patty’s Day. It was my first time playing there and by the end of my set it was a full house. People were so engaging and responding to my tunes that it made it feel like a great connection and energy type of thing.”


“DJing New Years Eve 2018 at Harborside Lounge in Faneuil Hall”


“I have been lucky enough to participate as a musician in many protests that have occurred, especially since the most recent presidential election. I have played in front of thousands on both Boston Common and Cambridge Common as part of BABAM, the Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians — the most meaningful being the Women’s Marches, the Marches for Science, and the March for our Lives.”

Naaz Tsb

“DJ’ed the I AM BÉL Editorial Party this past Sunday at Warehouse XI in Somerville.”

Nick Ferrington

“I played my first electric Daisy Carnival last weekend! So much fun!!”


“Most Memorable gig: Women in Music fundraiser at Spotify”

J Daniel Delacruz (Schoolyard)

“Most memorable would be a fundraiser I DJ’d for one of the Boston marathon victims a few years back”


My most memorable gig was playing at Villa Camilla in Turks & Caicos. The party was to raise money to get a large shipping crate delivered to the island which was turned into a school! This was post hurricane Irma.”

Want to find out what your most memorable gig will be? Take a 2 month DJ Program course at MMMMAVEN and start exploring the endless possibilities of the industry.

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