Free Workshop “How to anticipate, identify, & resolve “technical difficulties” during DJ sets” @ Mmmmaven
Jun 24 @ 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
Free Workshop "How to anticipate, identify, & resolve “technical difficulties” during DJ sets" @ Mmmmaven | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

We’ve all been a part of this scenario. You’ve gone through your set a bunch of times at home and everything was working perfectly. Now you are at the club & ready to play but something is wrong. Time is of the essence. All eyes are on you. The production person is on a smoke break so it’s up to you to figure it out. Now you are sweating and trying to desperately check every connection and cable to figure out what’s wrong. Every second feels like an hour and the panic is setting in. ANd the dreaded announcement of “Please excuse us while we are experiencing some TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES” is upon us.

Chances are when you became a DJ, you didn’t anticipate having to be the “sound person” but as all things go, we wear many different hats in this game. In this workshop, we will teach you techniques on how to methodically and effectively inspect various DJ setups for common errors and resolve them. We will go over:
Troubleshooting CDJs & Turntables
Common Serato issues and ways to fix them
Fundamental principles of signal flow and gain staging
Practical backup solutions for these “oh s**t” moments

This workshop will involve a very fun “hands-on” section so come prepared to get your hands dirty!

Instructors: Kareem Clarke and Dan Dabu