In the studio with Confute and Will Monotone: Together 2015 Recap


Gary Curran(Confute) and Will Monotone gave an insightful lecture yesterday and a demonstration of their process in making music, as part of the technology aspect of Together Boston 2015. After nearly a decade of great success as an integral part of The Japanese Popstars, Confute has embarked on what is already an impressive solo adventure, and a collaborative project with Will Monotone as Morrissey Blvd. Monotone, a Boston native, has been a strong part of house scene for about 11 years now. With Will’s knowledge of audio engineering and Gary’s relentless creativity, they find a comfortable median in which their skill sets compliment each other, and the product is quality music that is clean, concise, and a joy to listen to.


Monotone’s approach to using Ableton Live is different than most. He is subtle and thoughtful, and his understanding of professional audio engineering shows as his use of effects and mixing techniques are very mature. Compared to the way that most electronic producers over-use compression and limiting to make things as loud as possible, Will starts off making sure things have room to grow sonically so that all of the subtleties of his music can be felt and heard by the listener.


Together they make a great dynamic team that puts Morrissey Blvd in a class of their own, not just for music but for production as well.


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The Underground is Massive: Sitting Down with Michaelangelo Matos

The Underground is Massive Panel feat. Michaelangelo Matos

Michaelangelo Matos, an accomplished writer for NPR and The Rolling Stone, offered much insight and history about the development of the underground electronic dance music scene from the late 80’s until today, as told in the epic tale of his new book, The Underground is Massive.  David Day, Mmmmaven’s director, sat down with Michael yesterday as part of the Together Festival events to talk about Micheal’s research into the uprising of EDM as we know it today.  After reading a few selections from his book, Michael gave us an inside look at what went in to making his book a reality.

The Underground is Massive Panel feat. Michaelangelo Matos

From over a hundred interviews with iconic and influential DJ’s and producers, Michael gathered a vast knowledge of the effect that EDM has had on our music industry and how it shifted the focus of music consumption from buying albums to live shows and festivals. After a brief Q&A following the talk, Michael stuck around to sign copies of his new book and talk to his fans and supporters. The Underground is Massive stands on its own as a detailed retrospection on the growth of EDM and how it has changed the music industry as a whole. If you’d like to pick up your own copy follow this LINK.


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Weekend Workshop: Introduction to Mixology w/ Bob Diesel

Bob DieselCome explore the ‘Fine Art of DJing’ with Bob Diesel at the Mmmmaven Project!

Bob will share his valuable experience and insights of the industry while you develop a greater understanding of what it takes to be a DJ.

pWhat You’ll Learn:

– History, Lingo, Methods/Styles and Musical Phasing
– Various DJ Equipment
– Mixing / Phrasing
– Importance of various DJ Equipment needed for a proper performance
– Proper set-up of DJ Equipment
– Function and usage of CDJ’s
– Function and usage of Serato on Turntables

Get hands-on experience at your own personal station equipped with industry standard and cutting edge technology and software.
Fee: $150
E-mail to purchase tickets.

Mmmmaven Project Open Houses during Together

Graphics-openhouse2 (1)

The Mmmmaven Project in Central Square will be hosting multiple open houses during the Together Fest, where folks can try out equipment, including Traktor, Serato, and Ableton Live; learn about Mmmmaven’s courses, and network with other music technology enthusiasts, budding producers, and those involved in Boston’s music scene.

Mmmmaven is the first facility of its kind in the Boston area; like New York’s Dubspot, Mmmmaven offers classes in audio production and DJing.  Our state-of-the-art classroom features 8 stations equipped with turntables, a Pioneer mixer, high-quality headphones, and Mac computer outfitted with Ableton Live 9, Serato Scratch Live, and Traktor Pro.

Open houses during Together will run Monday from 12 – 5pm, Tuesday from 6-9pm, Wednesday from 2-6pm, Thursday from 2-6pm, and Saturday from 5:30 – 9PM.  On Monday, stick around afterwards to see a special demonstration on Musical Improvisation with Ableton Live, as instructor Danny Kutty delves into the vast and fast-developing world of using the laptop as a musical instrument. Tuesday’s open house features the Push, the hardware controller that is changing the way electronic producers compose and produce music in Ableton.

Wednesday’s open house will be followed by a series of demonstrations from music technology innovators Steinberg, who will show attendees how to master music with their software Wavelab from 6 – 7pm, and how to construct sequences and songs using their ChordTrack technology. During the open house Thursday, Cambridge-based music tech firm iZotope will demonstrate Ozone and Stutter Edit, two of their innovative products that helped put the company on the map in the music tech world.

Finally, Friday is our bona fide Ableton day at Mmmmaven, featuring a series of clinics from Boston’s best music educators and technologists.  Ben Cantil, aka Encanti, will demonstrate the powerful potential of Ableton’s new incarnation of their flagship software, Live.  Now in its 9th suite version, Live 9 is without a doubt a game-changer for music production. Loudon Stearns, a professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, will further demonstrate the power of the Ableton Push.

Audiovisual duo Synnack will demonstrate how to create reactive visuals using Ableton and Resolume and what goes into their complex live performances.  Leon J will discuss constructing fun, effective basslines in Ableton Live, and Wiggz, aka Moduloktopus, will demonstrate advanced sound design techniques.

The week of Together at Mmmmaven provides a unique opportunity for the public to learn an extensive amount about electronic production, sound design, DJing, and digital signal processing. These events are open to everybody, for free, and not just those with Together passes. In addition, if you stop by Mmmmaven during the week of the fest, you will receive discounts on all courses!

Don’t miss this special opportunity to pique your interest in music production and performance.

All open houses and seminars will live at the Mmmmaven Project, at 614 Mass Ave., Room #203. For a Google map of the location, click here.

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