How much prior experience do I need to take a DJ course?

None. Our DJ program starts from the bottom up, cure from how to hook up the equipment to making your own 30 minute mix, and ultimately playing at a club for your graduation party!

How much prior experience do I need to take a Music Production Course?

None. We just recommend you get a little familiar with the software by using our Free Trial version.

I have experience. Do I need to start at Level 1?

We strongly recommend all students build a solid foundation in both DJing and Music Production beginning concepts introduced at the beginning of the courses. For further questions or concerns contact tak@mmmmaven.com.

Does Mmmmaven offer additional practice or lab time to work on DJ or Music Production related coursework?

Yes we do! Our students get unlimited lab time, just make sure you sign up in the calendar outside the DJ Lab or email tak@mmmmaven.com.

Do I need my own equipment to take the course?

We don’t require that students bring in anything, but you’re welcome to bring your own headphones or laptop if you wish. Practice makes perfection so we encourage that students get their own equipment and software if it’s something they wish to pursue further.

What equipment does Mmmmaven use?

Our DJ lab is equipped with full DJ set ups for both student and Instructors. Students will learn on two turntables, a two-channel mixer, and Serato Scratch DJ software. Instructors will teach on a four channel mixer, two turntables, club-ready sound system, and projector.

Our Ableton Lab is fully equipped with a full suite of production software. In our Audio Production w/ Ableton course, students will receive their own personal QuNeo MIDI controller which they are expected to bring to class.

Do I need to purchase Ableton before enrolling in Audio Production w/ Ableton?

No. We provide all the software necessary to take this course. You are also welcome to utilize unlimited lab time to work on projects outside of class. We can however, give you an educational discount on Ableton if you do decide to purchase it.

What equipment do you recommend? Can you teach me to hook this up?

We recommend that you wait to purchase equipment until after you take the class. You will learn on Vinyl, but we will introduce a variety of different set-ups to choose from. This will make your decision a little easier.

What do I get upon completion of the DJ Program or Music Production?

Upon completion of the DJ Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and have an opportunity to play live in a Cambridge venue for your graduation party. You will also leave with a recorded copy of your finished DJ mix to post or promote in any way you see fit. Students who complete the Music Production Program receive an Certificate of Completion, and by the end of the course you will have at least 2 original tracks, 1 performance set, and a collection of presets and sounds. Regardless of which program you take, by the end of the course you will have strengthened your creativity and technical abilities, and the opportunity to foster strong connections with leaders in the industry.

Will you get me a job after I finish? What opportunities are there for me after I finish?

At Mmmmaven we focus on the students’ personal enrichment, our instructors put their energy into helping you discover and perfectionate your creativity, coaching you to grow as an artist. We’re not a vocational institute so we do not offer job placement once you’ve completed our programs. We highly encourage students to network and collaborate with each other, and take full advantage of our growing community.

Who will be my Instructor?

Check out our Instructors page.

How can I try a course and make sure it’s right for me?

You can register for a Free Lesson here.

Will I learn to DJ a specific genre?

No, at Mmmmaven we will teach you the technology and techniques that apply to all styles of music.

What happens if I miss a class?

There are no make up classes so we appreciate the commitment to the schedule. Students may purchase a private lesson to make up a class with their instructor one-on-one. If you miss a class and pass on a makeup-lesson, you are responsible for catching yourself up by borrowing another student’s notes, asking questions in the next class, etc.

What happens if I can’t complete the course?

We highly recommend that you take the time to look over your schedule before enrolling in one of our courses. However, if something does come up, there is a 30% fee to be rescheduled into another section. Payments still must be complete even if you have to drop out.

Where are you located?

We are in the heart of Central Square in Cambridge, MA. The address is 614 Massachusetts Avenue, #203. We are steps from the Central Square Red Line T stop. Here is a video that shows just how close we are.

Is there parking near the studio?

There’s a parking lot on Green Street, and there’s also street parking and meter spots available in the area that end between 6pm and 8pm.


How much are your courses?

Classes and private lessons range from $30/hr – $100/hr. Please visit our Course page to find the course that suits you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take cash, checks and all credit cards.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are available and all sales are final.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, for more information please contact tak@mmmmaven.com.

Do you offer Financial Aid?

Project Mixx, (a group of Mmmmaven grads) offers scholarship opportunities for students. For more information, e-mail tak@mmmmaven.com.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, for more information go here.

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