About Mmmmaven

Electronic music has a history reaching back over 40 years. Its evolution across continents and decades has generated styles and subgenres as nuanced as the artists behind them. Whether you listen to Skrillex, Cut Chemist or Larry Levan, the breadth of DJ/Production techniques is as varied as your own music library. Just as the genre has transformed with time, so too have the tools used to create it. Our courses specialize in teaching the details that define digital music.

Who is your audience? What is the difference between building a smooth lounge set and a crowd banger? How should you organize your music? And how do you mix from one song into the next anyways?

Our courses will teach you to master the equipment and technology, and then channel that knowledge to better understand the art of performance. Our state-of-the-art production labs are outfitted with advanced software and technology such as Ableton Live 9, Serato DJ and Traktor Pro, giving you hands-on exposure to the many facets of music production. With unlimited time in our labs during your coursework, you can truly make the most of your experience.

Music production and performance is an artform based in creativity, innovation, and technical skill. Like any other art, raw passion and intuition are at the core of producing and performing music. What defines an amateur from an expert is skill. We will help transform your creative instincts into audio brilliance. With Mmmmaven, you can learn to make the music you love.

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