Coralcola Releases “X”

Long-time Make It New resident DJ and Worcester-based musician Coralcola surprised us by releasing a sixteen-song album.

“It’s been exactly 10 years since i made “Heath Ledger,” so i reuploaded it on bandcamp

Also decided to drop an unannounced ambient/drone album. Feel free to share with anyone you think might enjoy the album. <3"

Consider it shared! Please pay what you will…

Get lost in the fixed feedback of “Ten,” or the epic chord changes of “Fourteen.” Clocking in at around 106 minutes, the simply-titled masterwork is really a double-album full of immersive technique and impressive breadth.

It was announced yesterday that Coralcola will be playing with international live music group HVOB on February 8th at Make It New.

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HVOB are Anna Müller and Paul Wallner. The duo has established itself on the international electronic music scene not just with its releases, but more significantly as a live act as well. HVOB performs live on stage and always with a drummer.

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