Ableton Intern Katharine And Loop 2016


Hello Producers and DJs!

My name is Katharine Fountain, and for the past 3 months I have had the pleasure of joining Mmmmaven’s team as their Ableton intern. In addition to my internship, I am also a student at Berklee College of Music across the river in Boston, where I am pursuing a double major in Electronic Production & Design and Songwriting.

Learning how to self-produce has been one of the most important things that I’ve ever done for my career, and I think that every musician should take the time to explore the ways in which music technology can benefit their craft.

I never imagined that I would become this interested in production when I started using DAW’s to sketch out song ideas and practice for ear training tests at school, but I quickly realized the creative possibilities that I had at my finger tips. Many of my friends urged me to try out Ableton, which lead me to take Mmmmaven’s Music Production Certificate Program over the summer. Now as an intern for Mmmmaven, I have had the chance to dive into the world of music production, and share some of what I’ve learned with others. The experience has been incredibly rewarding!

I can honestly say that immersing myself in the world and culture of Ableton has changed my life and my musicianship for the better. So when I found out about Ableton’s Loop Summit that would be hosted at the historic Funkhaus Berlin this fall, I sheepishly put my name in for the ticket lottery and hoped for the best.

I was thrilled when I was granted a ticket, and even more thrilled when I somehow managed to figure out how to make it to Berlin from Boston! Attending Loop was an undeniably eye opening and inspiring experience, and definitely one of the highlights of my year. This three part series will outline some of my favourite events from Loop, and hopefully get you inspired to create something new!

Day 1 >>>

What is Loop?



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