DJ / Rupture at Loop and Harvard Tonight


Music heads have long known about the sound and science of DJ / Rupture. Last year, Rupture, aka Jace Clayton, made quite a splash at Ableton’s Loop conference.

In advance of his new book, Uproot: Travels In 21st Century Music and Digital Culture, he spoke about:

His Sufi Plug Ins project, previews a performance on Wall Street that incorporates a cappella singing and stock market data sonification as well as demonstrating how Aztec-inspired ideas of nonlinear time are animating a new era in Mexican rave music.

Yes, really.

You’ll have to click right here to get the video over at Ableton, but if you want to meet the man in person and hear first-hand about his science of sound.

“Jace Clayton flows like water around the world” —Diplo


He’s speaking for free at the Harvard Bookstore at 7pm tonight.


If you can’t make it, at the very least download his ground-breaking Gold Teeth Thief mix for free here. From 2001, it truly was a game-changer.

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