Student Success Story: Joey Flaherty

Joey Flaherty

Joey Flaherty was going into his junior year at Bryant University when a friend took him to Identity Festival in Mansfield, treat Mass. Although the festival no longer exists today, ask the feelings and memories that Joey took away from the experience are still alive.

“I absolutely fell in love with the crowd energy and the music.”

While at the festival Joey recalls a moment that can only be explained as fate. A little flyer rolled past him “like a tumbleweed in one of those old western movies” and without thinking he picked it up and learned of a DJ and Music Production school called Mmmmaven that was searching for young interns. He applied immediately.

Identity Festival really began the spark of interest in DJ and producing but interning at Mmmmaven is really what ignited the flame.

“My interest in personally becoming a DJ and producer came from the numerous people I met and worked with while interning at Mmmmaven. I was lucky enough to work alongside some of the coolest and most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting”.

Joey became fully emerged in the EDM lifestyle; interning, attending every electronic show Boston possibly had to offer, and signing up for classes with Mmmmaven really helped him gain an understanding of what was happening at his favorite shows and how he can achieve that sound.

Since graduating from Bryant University with a degree in Marketing and from Mmmmaven as a DJ and Producer, Joey has continued to be involved in the music and entertainment industry. He has worked as a booking agent for different small agencies booking concerts, comedy shows, and keynote speakers at various colleges and events.

Currently, he works at the American Program Bureau which is known as one of the biggest keynote speaker agencies. He has the privilege of working directly with organizations and corporations to book politicians, business leaders, journalists, and celebrities for events. Some of his most recent and impressive bookings includes Kristian Nairn, also known as Hodor from Game of Thrones.

This is my new prized possession @kristiannairn

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To this day Joey is extremely grateful for the experiences and education that Mmmmaven has introduced him to, as both an intern and student. “My internship was my first experience in entertainment booking and marketing, and I’ve been working with agencies and artists ever since.”

Intern with us today.

When asked if he had any last minute advice for anyone pursuing their passion in DJ or Music Production, Joey wanted to remind everyone to just keep hustling and love what you do.

Be like Joey! Our classes are constantly enrolling. Drop me a line via email or call 617.849.9321.

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