Mixing and Mastering Workshop [7/29]

Local electronic music producer and DJ Justin Maribito stops by the offices to teach a #FREE workshop on mixing and mastering this Friday!

For this workshop, we are going to explore the paths and techniques of taking a finished project and making it sound as good (if not better!) then commercial songs in the EDM industry. We will begin with listening and metering the finished track on both a frequency analyzer and a Peak/RMS meter, and comparing what we hear and see with commercial reference tracks that we want our record to sound like. We will then begin the process of matching (both visually and audibly) our track to the reference track with the sound we prefer the most.

We start by covering how to group our tracks into busses, and then we will mix the stems within each bus. From there, we will mix each bus to get us ready to master the record. I’ll talk about shaping your song for the master session using headroom, EQ, Expanding/Compression/Limiting, Saturation and Imaging/Stereo Delay. At the end we will speak about bouncing your audio and what settings to use.

Once our project is mixed down, we will cover mastering techniques to get our track ready for release. We will once again cover EQ, but we will talk about Multiband Compression, Excitement, handling the mids and sides, Post-EQ, limiting/clipping, differences between analog and digital, and within this, some cool secrets!

At the end of this workshop you will have a strong foundation of how to take your music and make it stand out from your competitors. So let’s do it!

About the instructor:
Justin Maribito is an electronic music producer, singer, DJ and audio engineer from Boston. His passion for music stems from a young age, and he transferred this passion into music production in college after realizing how much can be made “in the box” with software. Justin was never a strong instrumentalist (though he plays guitar, bass and piano), so electronic music gave him the ability to express the rhythms and melodies that are always playing in his head.

While he works in many different genres, Justin is mostly interested in creating hard-hitting and vocal-driven melodic dubstep that fuses essences of alternative and post-hardcore rock music. He is always pushing to innovate with his sound which he calls NuBass. He is relentless in finding new and unique ways to explore music, both in production, mixing/mastering, and exposure. Justin has released over 20 tracks to this date and is working to release a new, self-titled EP in early 2017.

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