Innovative Acoustic Instrument Sound Capture w/ Your Heaven®

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On Wednesday, May 18th at 7:00 pm, come see a live demonstration of the Your Heaven® Close-Up® Mic System, an affordable product that allows you to easily integrate acoustic instruments like guitars, strings and drums into your music.

With a unique combination of both the isolation needed for live performance and the fidelity you’d normally only get in a studio, you can amplify, record or sample beautiful acoustic instruments live, right on stage as you perform – with no feedback or crosstalk problems.

We’ll show you how to use it with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and drums. We will also demonstrate how the Your Heaven® Close-Up® can be incorporated into both the production and live performance setup of an electronic musician, to be processed and used as a trigger source for midi instruments.


Learn more about the presenters below!


Arvid Tomayko-Peters is a performing experimental musician, multimedia artist and audio engineer who hails from the foggy tip of Cape Cod. He holds a BA in both Computer Music and Multimedia and Geological Sciences from Brown University where he studied with teachers such as Alvin Lucier. At Your Heaven®, he codes software and firmware, develops algorithms, records instruments for acoustic research, tests hardware and designs the exterior of the products. Arvid’s goal at Your Heaven® is to help start the instrument pickup revolution that will make live music on acoustic instruments sound better. His personal work focuses on building electronic performance systems for realtime musical improvisation.

Steve Schwartz is a musician and audio engineer. He studied composition at Juilliard, and completed his music degree at Brown University, where he also studied audio engineering and studio technique. After graduating, he taught music theory and recording at Brown’s Music Dept. He still manages recordings for the department, sings with the Brown University Chorus, runs Brown’s Klezmer band, and plays jazz and experimental music whenever he gets a chance. The technology behind the Your Heaven® systems was born in his basement while still a student, when he started building devices to help him with recording his drums for recording class assignments.


Justin Satriano is a musician who holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Brown University. Leader and composer for jazz-rock quartet The Stride, he has worked as a software developer at MOTU, and has recently been beta testing the Your Heaven® Guitar Amplifier system. He will be demonstrating this product at the presentation on Wednesday, May 18 and at the Synthesizer Petting Zoo on May 22 (both at MMMMaven).

Mitchell Owens is a guitar player, sound designer, and electronic composer/producer from Durham, NC. He attended Berklee College of Music right here in Boston and has over 5 years of experience with Ableton Live producing and performing music under the moniker Subalias, as well as doing sound design and soundtrack composition for independent films and animations.

Mitchell’s music blends the organic and synthetic for a balanced fusion inspired by sample based Hip­Hop, Downtempo, House, Funk and R&B. He believes in freedom of creation and expression and likes to cater to students’ specific needs in order to teach them the proper skills and techniques needed to achieve their musical goals.

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