Bentley Brings Mmmmaven To Campus

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While mostly known for their business program, cheap Bentley University flexed it’s creative side last week by having us here at Mmmmaven host a free workshop about Ableton.

Held in their state of the art media facility, order instructor Mitchell Owens (aka Subalias) led fifteen Bentley students through a crash course on what it takes to make music in Ableton.

While everyone in the room was a business major, store the group consisted of a wide array of musical backgrounds and interests.

From beat makers looking for a refresher, to newbies dipping their toe into making music for the very first time, everyone left satisfied.

The workshop began with Mitchell taking the group through the history of recording, synthesis, and DAW’s. Starting with the gramophone, Ownes succinctly and entertinainly told the history of the analog to digital revolution, and how we ended up at Ableton.


From there, the class began by learning the basic layout of Ableton, and its overall purpose and place in the musical word. Even for a longtime music veteran such as myself, Mitchell’s presentation was both engaging and insightful. After all the talking was done though, it was time to make some noise!

Starting with how to use audio clips in session view, the class searched through the core Ableton library to put together clips into a coherent musical loop. Following this, the lesson dived into how to use MIDI and built-in instruments to create your own loops and sounds.


Throughout this whole process many students asked questions specific to their own interests. From the simple to the technical, Owens fielded questions masterfully, helping everyone along to enjoy making music. The workshop ended with free work time where the group could continue developing their projects, or just ask questions about the music industry/life as a musician in general.

It was an insightful discussion covering topics such as the value of Ableton, copyright and sampling etiquette, and what it’s like living in Allston.

Overall, it was a productive, educational, and fun two hours. The Bentley students left with with what seemed like a renewed fervor for the arts, and will hopefully continue their musical journey. We were happy to spread the good word of Ableton! Thanks to Bentley for having us and all the students who attended.

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If you’d like Mmmmaven to do a workshop at your school, or are interested in learning more about production, check out our website or shoot us an email. Our workshops are an example of what a typical class might be like, and are a great way to get exposure to music production on your campus!

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