Serato Announces Special Low End Theory Control Vinyl

We love the Low End Theory. The LA-based music technology lab has been instrumental in the career of such artists as Flying Lotus and Thundercat.

We also love Serato. It’s the program we teach in our lab.

So now, they’ve joined forces:

This year marks a decade of inimitable LA residency, the Low End Theory. So we thought it rather fitting to celebrate this milestone with an extra special Serato x Low End Theory collaboration and the first ever L.E.T vinyl in history.

Featuring original joints from the Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev, D-Styles and Nobody, this is a collection of jazz-inspired hip hop instrumentals, spitfire acappellas, heavy extra-terrestrial beats and scratch sentences. The vinyl is a unique black and white splatter comprising music on the A & C sides and Serato Control Tone on the B & D sides, making it both a showcase of signature L.E.T sounds and an imaginative tool for DJs.

Gaslamp was a part of Together Boston in 2014. Listen in on his Boiler Room DJ set:

Update! The vinyl is now completely sold out online. Only available in retail shops!

Serato is a software that changes the DJ game. To learn in our lab, email me and we’ll get started. Or attend their official event in two weeks:

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