Polina’s Top 5 DJ Sets of 2015


Whether you know it or not, Polina is crucial to our operations. As Director of Hospitality for Together Boston (and year-round at #MakeItNew), she meets and greets many different artists from around the world. More importantly, she’s the Director of Marketing and Communications for the school and lab, keeping up with the latest in digital trends to propagate our mission: to extend technology to musicians everywhere.

It so happens she’s a huge fan of drum and bass, broken beats, and raw techno. So, without further adieu, here are her top 5 DJ mixes of 2015.

1: Om Unit


Stylistically I hope to have brought the more etheric side of my work to the forefront for this selection, making it, I hope a good repeated listen. I think the best mixes take their time and fill a space around other tasks rather than demanding your entire concentration for an hour or more.

2: Loxy

Cylon: Podcast005 Pt1 Applied Sciences Division

3: Martyn


Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Extended Mix)
Point G – Too va Oo
Rhythm II Rhythm – Mellow Magic
Trevino – ?
Paul Johnson – Feel my MF Bass
Ricardo Villalobos – Lugom-ix
Pacific blue – industry pt 2
Doms & Deykers – Fonts for the People
Gesloten Cirkel – feat Liette
Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant instr
Rhythmus Gunther – Pronto
DJ Richard – Benzos
RAC – Neo Rio

4: Daniel Avery


5: Roman Fl├╝gel


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