Explore Permeating Soundscapes on Ricardo Donoso’s “Symmetry” Release


Ricardo Donoso’s music is droning and penetrative; its beauty lies in how each track is composed so as to feature the impressive capabilities of the synths and sequencers he chooses to utilize. In true minimalistic fashion, purchase not a single note or layer is excessive. Instead, buy Donoso exhibits total control as he meticulously crafts ambient soundscapes.

The Boston producer, who studied at Berklee and the New England Conservatory, lets his background in composition shine through on his limited edition “Symmetry” release, available for preorder now on the Denovali label.

Symmetry” is a collection of the producer’s first three albums, previously referred to as the “Digitalis Trilogy.” This trilogy is a breathtaking introduction to Donoso’s larger body of work, as elements of techno, trance, ambient, and other minimalistic genres weave in and out of individual tracks.

“Symmetry” also invites the listener to explore common themes featured in Donoso’s work. While the collection has an ethereal element to its soft, tinkering rhythms, a certain underlying darkness that permeates “Symmetry” keeps listeners on edge.


This vinyl release of “Symmetry” is strictly limited to 200 pieces, and features exquisite details, from the 180g white vinyl to the strikingly appropriate geometric silver print on the slipcase and sleeves. Rest assured, a free download code is included with every vinyl package purchase so you can take all of “Symmetry” with you on the go.

Slide into the darkness with a rare DJ set from Ricardo:

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