Deep Thoughts Descend On Cambridge


Located on a quiet side street off of Mass Ave, cialis right around the corner from Mmmmaven, Deep Thoughts is a new music store ready and waiting to serve Cambridge. An off branch of the Jamaica Plain store bearing the same name, Deep Thoughts is a local bastion of culture. The store welcomes Bostonians from all across the city to peruse its eclectic selection of music. With records, cassettes, and CDs running the genre gamut from ambient drone artists to local garage rock LPs, there’s not a lot you can’t find at Deep Thoughts. And the diversity of their selection isn’t limited to genres; you can find albums from every time period at the store thanks to all of their new and used records.

Beyond the sheer variety of music offered at Deep Thoughts, perhaps the store’s best quality is its friendly and well-informed employees, all well-acquainted with modern music. Staffed predominantly by local musicians and show organizers, whoever is sitting behind the register at Deep Thoughts is sure to be able to help you find what you’re looking for, whether that’s a specific album or something completely new and unheard of to you.

Be sure to also check out all of their miscellaneous used records organized by overarching genre (rock, jazz, classical, etc.). The vast majority of these records are in listenable conditions and carry a price tag that make your daily cup of coffee look like an exorbitant expenditure.


It should also be noted the original Deep Thoughts regularly hosts shows supporting local artists and bands in their basement. Most notably (to Mmmmaven at least), they host the monthly SCANNERS event, promoting (literally) underground music in and around Boston (which many times features our own Coralcola of Make It New). It is yet to be determined if the Cambridge Deep Thoughts will be hosting shows as well, but regardless, supporting the Cambridge store ultimately means you’re supporting the overarching Deep Thoughts mission.

And while most traditional record stores scoff at the act of linking technology to music, Deep Thoughts–like our lab here in Cambridge–applauds it and supports it.

Stop in and visit the new Deep Thoughts at 89 Norfolk Street, just a few blocks away from the Central T stop.

Not sure what to get the music-lover in your life? Our Gift Certificates are a great option!


And while you’re in the neighborhood, swing by Mmmmaven to check out the school and get a free DJ lesson. Who knows, maybe Deep Thoughts will be selling your records one day!

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