10 Reasons Why You Should Still Know How to Beatmatch By Ear


Here inside our DJ lab, we teach on vinyl and turntables for a reason. Not only is it to establish tradition or teach people how to scratch (still an amazing skill!).

Most importantly, it’s to get our graduated DJs used to mixing by ear, which really officially makes you a proper “DJ.”

PassionateDJ.com knows of what we speak. In their post, they name 10 distinct reasons you should know how to beatmatch by ear. For example, #4:

It allows you to mix to, from, or with other DJs.

If you are reliant on one particular setup and the ability to sync your tracks, you might as well throw out the idea of an impromptu tag-team set with a fellow DJ. While it’s true that there are ways to electronically sync multiple DJ setups, it adds unnecessary complication, doesn’t always work, and doesn’t allow for you to play alongside a vinyl DJ. It’s much easier (and more fun) to be able to just mix back and forth and not worry about what media formats are being used.

Here’s our instructor DJ Rugged One with a quick tutorial:

Click on through to see the rest of these thoughtful concepts plus more (like a scene from the Karate Kid)!

Our January classes are filling up now. Drop me a line and let’s get started on turning your DJ dreams into reality. Email me here.

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