A Peak Inside The Mind Of #MakeItNew’s Own John Barera


For Mmmmaven artist John Barera, everything truly is about the music. The DJ and producer spends his weekdays invested in the business side of the music industry working for Supply Records, a vinyl label he co-founded in 2011. Then his nights and weekends are all about making music and playing live as a resident at both Make It New and Bossa Nova Civic Club’s Jack Dept. night in Brooklyn. There’s no denying Barera life revolves around music.


Ahead of playing a show at the Good Room in Brooklyn Saturday, Barera was featured on the night club’s blog, where he played an exclusive mix and talked about some of his inspirations. The artist is quick to stress that while his focus is on the techno and house scenes, he understands and respects the importance of various genres that have had some type of influence on his preferred genres in some capacity. By allowing these influences to sneak their way into his tracks and mixes, Barera created an undeniably unique and appealing sound.

I aim to make soulful dance music, I am influenced heavily by Detroit techno and I also love house music & disco. This makes up the foundation of my sound, but there are elements of electro, funk, reggae, rock, jazz & r&b as well.

Listen to Barera’s mix for the Good Room below and read the rest of the club’s interview with him over on their site. And if you couldn’t make it out to Brooklyn on Saturday to catch his set, don’t worry; Barera will be playing the Residents’ Night at Make It New this Thursday right in Cambridge at Middlesex Lounge.

Support John tonight! Click the image to be taken to his pop-up event tonight:


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