Fundamental Scratch Techniques [11/13]

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Simply put, scratching is the art of manipulating the playback of a record. It first began in the mid 1970’s and has become a huge part of hip-hop, as well as other genre’s of music.

The turntable was not invented as an instrument, people made it into one.

Instructor Schuyler Stevens will teach students fundamental scratch techniques to build a foundation for improvising, creating, and performing a scratch routine. These scratch techniques include:

Open fader: Baby scratch, drag, scribble
Closed fader: Stab, chirp

Schuyler Stevens started out in Burlington Vermont learning how to DJ and make music when he was 15. He got his own pair of turntables and inherited a small portion of his parents record collection and was off at light speed, challenging himself and pushing his own limits ever since. Schuyler moved to Boston and attended The New England Institute of Art when he was 18 to continue his pursuit for more knowledge. Since going to school, Stevens has been gigging as a DJ/turntablist in the local Boston scene as well as in Brooklyn, NY. He has also been tracking and producing songs for multiple MCs around Boston. His music draws inspiration from old records, and mixes sounds of vintage samples with modern day synthesis, recording, and processing techniques.

Schuyler believes that you can never stop learning, there will always be somebody who can show you something you never thought was possible, and in turn inspire you to push your own boundaries beyond what you imagined you could do.

It is an ongoing loop perpetuated by people of like minds all striving for the same musical bliss, but in their own unique ways. In the world of music, anything and everything is possible.

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