How To Build A DJ FX Rack In Abelton Live


You may have an experience that DJ played nice tracks at a party, but it totally killed your mood when the transition was not smooth and abrupt. For many producers and live performers, being able to have a few basic DJ tools at your disposal while still playing from inside of your DAW during a gig is critical.

When it comes to making a simple yet effective transition between tracks, there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own.

So, how do you keep all of your effects in line and ready to use at a moment’s notice? Ableton’s Audio Effect Racks are great for just that and you don’t need any third-party plug-ins to create some really cool sounds.

Watch a quick guide to setting up a DJ effects rack in Ableton by Gary Harper from DJTechtools.

Here are 4 tips from him:

  • AutofilterSet macro 1 to control the low-cut as well as the resonance for that classic filter sweep
  • Flanger: Let macro to control the dry/wet amount so as you turn the dial, the amount increases. Any modulation effect would work well here so try chorus or phaser too, or both!
  • Ping Pong Delay: In this example, I’ve increased the bandwidth of the filter to maximum and set the beat division to be quarter notes and set macro 1 to control feedback and the dry/wet mix so, like the flanger, as you turn the dial, the sound gets more spaced out but the delay repeats help keep the rhythm stable.
  • Reverb:With the decay time set to about 4-5 seconds again I’m setting macro 1 to control the dry/wet amount.

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