7 Secrets Of Good Music Organisation For Digital DJs


The endless abyss of music files on one’s hard drive can be daunting to even the most experienced of our DJ Program grads. Thankfully, Digital DJ Tips has compiled a cheat sheet for untangling your files and organizing your digital music into an easy-to-use system.

1. Use a separate program to organize your music 

Your DJ program is simply your “DJ Booth.” It’s where you perform from. When it comes to organizing your music, use something else. For most people it is iTunes, because the work you do in there shows in your DJ software seamlessly

iTunes is your shelves of vinyl or your racks of CDs, organized how you choose.

2. Pack a “crate” for every gig

CD and vinyl DJs never take their whole collection to a gig with them. You shouldn’t either. Instead,

“Pack” a playlist full of about twice the number of tunes you think you’ll need for any given event. Put your soul into choosing those tunes. Spend hours doing it, and be strict and only play from that playlist or folder within your DJ software at your event.

This will force you to think harder about your music choices ahead of time, and stop the blanking and scrolling syndrome you speak of.

Visit Digital DJ Tips for the rest of their tricks to mastering the music on your hard drive.

Do you have all of your music organized and ready to go, but don’t have an idea of what to do with it all? Our Master Program is the best value we provide. Email Sarah to get the scoop.

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