Charlie Rose Talks to Diplo and Skrillex


“The revolution is that all art has become digitized.” — Skrillex

You know you’re being taken seriously when you get booked on Charlie Rose, the PBS talk show that hosts dignitaries, politicans and superstar celebrities. The latest guests? Diplo and Skrillex.

Wesley Pentz and Sonny Moore have become the de facto flag-bearers of this thing people call “EDM,” and we hold that’s not such a bad thing.

Diplo, for one, is a rabid fan of music of all stripes. We first heard of him way back in the mid-1990s when he had a column at NYC record enterprise Turntable Lab. As you can see from these still online archives, Diplo’s encylopedic knowledge of music is pretty awesome. Despite his missteps and perceived ego of late, he simply wants to make good music, as he states time and time again in the interview below.

“The renaissance of how you can create art and music through technology. And that’s awesome. And that can lead to anything.” — Skrillex

Skrillex is another good story. Coming from hardcore, Moore is a considerable musical talent–and while he slips in his musical knowledge in the interview below–he’s been quoted as saying Aphex Twin’s electronic ballad “Film” is his favorite song of all time. The duo’s collaboration with Justin Bieber has racked up over 100 million views in just two months (also the concept of that video above is pretty dope).

Diplo Boston DJ School

“There used to be barriers and genres about what you should listen to, what you shouldn’t, where the limits are. If we can change the ideas about what the limits are and change people’s ideas about music, that’d be really important.” — Diplo

So their collaboration makes real sense. Diplo, the consummate music fanatic and Skrillex, the naturally talented musician. Listen as the two talk about electronic music history (including a shout-out to Boston’s own Donna Summer), diss the major label system, comment on the end of distribution, and their future plans.

You can find the video here or below. Their conversation begins at about the 24-minute mark.

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