Workshop Recap: Designing Your Home Studio with Rica Cutolo


On Friday, July 24th we held a very special workshop on creating a home studio that was given by Rica Cutolo. Rica Cutolo was born and raised in São Paulo and is currently based in Boston. He attends Berklee College of Music and specializes in Home Studio Design.

Rica started off the workshop talking about optimization. According to Rica, a lot of people start to think about adding new rooms to their houses whenever creating their home studio. He believes that’s the wrong way to go about it.

Optimize rooms with the space that you already have. Lots of people are making professional Top 40 style recordings in their bedrooms.


He then went on to explain what kind of things to keep in mind when looking to create your studio. Having a decent understanding of acoustics, pink noise, reverb time decay, reflection and resonance will help you to make the most out of your room.

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After you have all the right equipment, you’ll be ready for making sure that the acoustics of the room work in your favor. Absorption pads are great for home studios. They are pads of foam that help to absorb sounds that come in it’s direction. Diffusion pads are similar to absorption pads, except that diffusion pads kills the sound a bit after deflecting the sound into another direction.

Studio with Diffusion Pads All Around

Everything has to be symmetrical and even. The space between the speakers and where you’ll be sitting should be an equilateral triangle.

Furniture can also be used to absorb/diffuse the sound. Rica advises that we avoid windows if possible, and if we have some that we be sure to use light curtains. The curtains should be double sided and should be a little curvy in order to get the best sound of your room.

Below you can find a diagram of how your home studio should look with different absorption and diffusion pads.

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