Protecting Your Hearing


From the avid concert goer to the veteran DJ, price anyone exposed to prolonged levels of high volume are vulnerable to chronic ear damage. Tinnitus, unhealthy one of the most common noise-induced cases of hearing loss, drug is a ringing or buzzing in the ear heard without the presence of external noise. Many DJs and producers have complained about tinnitus throughout their careers, and now offer advice on how to avoid its onset.

Several of my friends who are DJs or producers had tinnitus at the time; they told me how miserable it made them, and how stupid they felt for not wearing ear protection earlier. – Paula Temple

While the thought of wearing earplugs at a show might initially seem counter intuitive, it is actually a very wise decision. The human ear can comfortable withstand loudness levels up to 85dB. Anything above that is considered damaging to sensitive nerves within the ear that help capture and transmit sound. The average music concert can range anywhere from 90dB to 120dB, which is similar to the amount of noise a plane makes when it takes off. This disparity of up to 40dB can cause immense pain and in some extreme cases, ear drum rupture. The solution? Earplugs.

9 DJS and producers share their stories with hearing loss and what kind of earplugs they use to manage the loudness they frequently experience. Read the original article via The Fader here.

You can also watch this great video by DJ Tech Tools on how to further protect your hearing.

Hearing is obviously of the utmost importance inside our lab. Schedule a tour, meet the crew and learn how you can … learn!

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