Evolving Sounds: Turning Simple Ideas into Entire Songs


Many producers often hit a creative block when trying to expand simple musical ideas into full-length songs. A short catchy loop, riff, or melody might sound good on its own, but the artist struggles to decide on what direction to take their work. It is very easy to get walled in when producing and composing, which is why learning certain tips and tricks can help move along the creation of ideas into complete songs.

Mitchell Owen, an electronic composer and producer from Durham, North Carolina, will be leading this Friday’s workshop on song completion in Ableton Live. An alumni of Berklee College of Music with over 5 years of experience with Live producing and performing music under the moniker Subalias, Mitchell does sound design and soundtrack composition for independent films and animations. His music blends the organic and synthetic for a balanced fusion inspired by sample based Hip-Hop, Downtempo, House, Funk and R&B. Without a doubt, his advice and guidance on work flow will ensure that producers reap the highest benefits of studio time.

Still looking to refine your production skills? Interested in getting started? Look no further than our music production certification program.

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