Learn to Control Your MIDI Sounds By Using Gestures

Want to learn how to control MIDI with your mind? Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology that (yet.) However, thanks to the people at OWOW, it is now possible to control your MIDI with simple hand gestures and motions.

After being rejected from music school, creator Pieter-Jan Pieters decided to take matters into his own hands. He then created OWOW. The controllers come in 5, each having their own functions from making drum samples to playing a synth sound from a line drawn on a piece of paper. This kind of creativity and innovation is bound to add a new aspect to live performances.

Watch the OWOW Midi Controller in action below.

The controllers come in two varieties. One has an aluminum case and another just includes the bare circuit board, the idea being that those who want to customize it can make their own case. 3D files are also available online if you want to print your own casing for free.

You can pre-order these controllers via Kickstarter. They are expected to ship in February 2016 if they reach their goal of $55,568. If you would like to learn more, you can read the original article written by our friends at FactMag.

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