Resident Advisor: Scuba Interview


Paul Rose has been a major force in the UK electronic scene for quite some time now, performing and recording under a number of different projects. We’re personally drawn to his work under the Scuba alias, so much so that we booked him for Together Boston this May. Rose recently sat down with Resident Advisor for an interview about his upcoming plans for 2015, something we also enjoyed.

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What does the rest of 2015 hold in store?

I’ve had to make a few lifestyle changes in order to get back to a full touring schedule but I’m kind of OK with that now. I really enjoy being on the road but if you’re partying constantly it takes a lot out of you and I’ve learned the hard way that getting through it with everything intact requires a bit of forward planning. Other than touring, we’re really busy with Hotflush and the schedule is looking really exciting for the rest of the year, plus we have one or two new projects that have been in the works for a while that well be rolling out gradually.

You can read the whole interview over at Resident Advisor.

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