OSCiLLOT Now Available for Ableton Live


OSCiLLOT, the new modular system from Max for Cats, and is Ableton’s most advanced modular synthesizer to date. With over 100 modules including oscillators, processors, filters, mixers, modulators, amplifiers, shapers, sequencers, utilities and more, there’s practically no limit to the type of instruments and effect devices you can create.

Despite the large number of combinations that can be made using OSCiLLOT’s modules, the program is extremely user friendly even if you’re brand new to the concept of modular synthesis. OSCiLLOT comes with a number of instrument presets, and, by opening the editor window, it’s possible to see each individual module used in the creation of that instrument along with a detailed description of that modules function.

“Working with a modular system is always an experiment to some degree, and happy accidents are part of what make modular synthesis fun. With a little bit of trial and error you’ll be coming up with sounds you’ve never heard before.”

Another aspect that gives OSCiLLOT the edge over CV/gate/trigger-based modular hardware systems is its ability to use up to 6 voices of polyphony. It also allows the user to switch between straight and curved patchcords and even hide them when they are in the way.

While OSCiLLOT is very easy for beginners to use, it is a Max for Live device, meaning that those familiar with Max/MSP can make and modify their own modules using the available SDK. Max for Cats is also planning to add more modules down the road.

Despite all the new technology OSCiLLOT brings to the table, it is available for only $99.

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