Coming Down with Coralcola

As much as we like to celebrate new music and community with a full-on rocking dance party, and as much as our artists like to create four-on-the-floor beat-pounders, there is an entirely different side to music that makes our hearts tick to a different metronome. Whether that is Ricardo Donoso‘s intricate compositions or training Bollywood DJs, music in all shapes and sizes is worth your time and attention.

Enter Coralcola.


The youngest resident DJ at Make It New has an unquenchable thirst for new music, spending hours online to find the latest and greatest. Still based in Worcester, he makes his way to Cambridge every week just to play for you the newest vault-finds and freshest deep cuts… But his productions are something else entirely:

“Alice Quiet” is classic Coralcola. Completely outside of the box, the 22 minute track looks long and loud until it starts to fade out with about 8 minutes left. It’s there that the drone/synth/ambient piece takes a long, slow, steady fade to an almost imperceptible level.

As consumers of nearly every type of sound over the years, we can honestly say we’ve never heard anything like it.

It comes as no surprise to us that Coralcola uploaded this piece mere hours after playing mainstream tunes to the very large crowd outside in Copley Square on New Year’s Eve:

Like an unusual amount of electronic music composers these days (Donoso included), Coralcola’s roots are in metal/hardcore/emo punk rock and his emotions–right there on his sleeve whether you like it or not–come through in his productions, his sets, his sounds. Catch him at Make It New or contact Alex to have him play your party (live or DJ set).

And surf on over to Bandcamp and pay what you will for “Alice Quiet,” because like all the musicians we know and love, Mikey has to eat.

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