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Want to give a thoughtful gift this holiday season, one that helps educate and enlighten the receiver? Music and technology education is more relevant than ever, although sadly funding for arts and music programs in schools has been waning over the past decade. However, music education is nothing but beneficial to students, as evidenced via this poll on musical education.


  1. 94% of respondents believe music is part of a well-rounded education, and that schools should offer instrument music instruction as part of the regular curriculum.
  2. 85% of Americans believe that music is a very important part of their life.
  3. 85% believe participation in school music corresponds with better grades and higher test scores.
  4. 82% of Americans wish they had learned to play a musical instrument.

-Gallup Poll: Americans Want Music Student to Play on

Keep musical and technological education alive by giving the gift of music this holiday season with a Mmmmaven gift certificate.


Gift certificates apply to all of our classes and services, just set a specific amount and give away. To learn more about the DJ, production, and combined courses we offer, click here.

Here’s what people are saying about our courses:

Let me just say this: Mmmmaven is THE BOMB. Not only did I acquire a new skill, but also an entirely new batch of friends in the Mmmmaven extended family and community of DJ’s. you won’t find a nicer bunch of group of people. — Helen

My son, Nicholas, went to MMMMaven’s after-school youth program and had the best experience. He is only 12 and already has learned awesome skills to be a DJ. He cannot wait to continue on with Music Production. — Patty

“Bottom line: Great place/experience/people” — Evan

For more information, email or call 617-849-9321.

As watch your kids unwrap their future this year:


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