New Mods Make The Moog’s Werkstatt Synth More Educational and More Fun


It began as an exclusive for a limited-edition workshop. But it’s turned into more. Moog’s Werkstatt synth is a lovely little analog synthesizer in its own right. But, driven by its educational mission, it’s also become a means of learning electronics.

The synth itself will run you US$329, with a mod kit available from Sparkfun for US$29.95. The Mod Kit on its own doesn’t look like much – it’s basically a whole bunch of capacitors, resistors, wires, and breadboard, with a handful of key extras. But what it does for you is make sure you have all the necessary parts to do a selection of clever mods devised by the Moog folks.

Now, to be fair, some of thees mods are features you might have wished were on the Werkstatt in the first place – like a volume knob. And you still don’t get MIDI. But from there, the fun begins.

Here are our favorites, plus some of the favorite work others have done.

There’s the LFO quantizer:

Pressure Sensitive Pitch-Bend

The Werkstatt-ø1 still requires assembly. Future Music recently did an unboxing video that shows what the process is like:

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