Surgeon Talks His Studio, Expression, and The Creative Process

Surgeon in the studio

Techno power-house¬†Anthony Child, AKA Surgeon, talks his studio and his inspirations in a new interview with XLR8R. Get a first hand look at the producer’s extensive setup and what drives him to create new music.

I have done a lot of projects purely with Ableton, but during the 20 years that I’ve been releasing techno, I’ve really found it very important to not get too comfortable with the method and the set-up that I use, and I’ve found that many times where, if the method gets too comfortable, if it doesn’t really challenge me or push me, it’s time to change it.

Surgeon’s Modular Setup

Read the full interview and see the rest of the pictures over on XLR8R.

Surgeon can be tough as nails, but has a softer side too. See what we mean at this daytime Boiler Room DJ Set:

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