An Intro to Ableton Live with Andrew Hlynksy

This Friday night, Andrew Hlynsky will be at Mmmmaven for an Introduction to Ableton Live for Working Musicians.


Presented by Boston Music Scene, this workshop will show musicians how to use Ableton Live in a performance setting. Andrew will cover live looping, recording directly into clips, and changing audio into MIDI. Grab some (FREE) tickets, bring a friend, and come learn a thing or two.

I find it very interesting that the art world is trying to push sound into the same box as painting, video, photography etc. In reality these things are closer to being music then ever before.

-Andrew Hlynsky

Andrew Hlynsky is an electronic musician, drummer, and sound designer. He has performed everywhere from the Firefly Festival to Herd Studio and has performed as a VJ at places like Camp Bisco, Phoenix Landing, and the Wonderbar. Having nine years of experience using Ableton Live, Andrew has been teaching Electronic Music Composition for two years.

Listen to Andrew’s beats on soundcloud. Here’s one of his songs:

If you like the workshop, come check out our courses! Contact Sarah to schedule a free introductory DJ lesson or a tour of the studio.

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