Soul Clap Record Fair [FRI 10/10]


The Soul Clap record fair we hosted during the Together Boston this past May had such a good turnout we decided it was only appropriate to do another one! Come dig for vinyl straight from the collections of some of Boston’s most renowned selectors. There will be a large array of different styles from some serious collectors here, from $1 bin jams to hard-to-find classics.

If you’re looking for some new listening material, to spice up your next DJ set or a dusty gem to sample on your next track, here’s your chance.

Here is a list of the confirmed sellers:

Pete Dev/Null (90s breakbeat hardcore, jungle, dnb)
Pat Fontes 6-8pm (techno, tech house, speed garage)
Caseroc (house, techno, dnb)
Studebaker Hawk (disco, house, hip hop, funk, jazz, basically everything)
Safi Omar Andujar (reggae, african & colombian)
Will Mayo (from Deep Thoughts JP)
Nick Minieri (house, dnb, Zakim records on sale)

The fair is happening this Friday October 10th from 4-8pm at the Mmmmaven studios (614 Mass ave Cambridge). Check out the Facebook page for updates.

H/T to Nick Minieri for organizing this. He’s been an integral part of Together Boston for years. His Zakim 005 celebrated the local scene, including a track from Mmmmaven Ableton instructor Moduloktopus:

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