Mmmmaven presents: Today


Those nice summer days are coming to an end. The ominous chill of an oncoming winter is not far off. Could there be a better way to bring Summer to a close than with a free outdoor dance party in South Boston? Not only is this a dance party but there will also be art installations, games and food trucks! Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Mei Mei, and Frozen Hoagies¬†will be dishing out tasty treats to fuel your expressive dance routines.

Everyone on this lineup is worth checking out, but I am particularly excited about Jacques Greene. He lays down a driving, melodic house sound that I find particularly infectious.

Also, locals John Barera, Leah V, and Bianca Oblivion will no doubt provide the crowd with grooviness in all its wonderful forms. I leave you with a slippery John Barera track, and hope to see you at the Lawn on D, 420 D street in South Boston at 3PM!

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