Ricardo Donoso Goes In for Mysteries Of The Deep


“He probably held too tightly
(In the palm of his hand,
Looking out on the sea)

To the sand the wind
Was taking, grain by grain —

He who holds a fear
Of becoming mist.”

With the advent of technology, electronic music (or what we around here refer to as ‘music’) has become very much a chameleon. It can be ambient, jazzy or extra-fast. It can powerfully propel live music just as it can fill background sound with vibes. Buzzsaw, breakbeats, hip-hop, found sound or electronic disco, there’s always a new genre on the come up because “electronic music” can be molded to do almost anything.

Maybe no one in Boston knows this better than Brookline’s Ricardo Donoso. Having established a worldwide reputation for sound design and electronic music composition, Ricardo has clearly brought his Berklee-trained talent to new heights by throwing himself into the wiring.

And here we go again, another mix, another uniquely-designed sonic body of water our head can go swimming in. This time, he works with Mysteries of the Deep, a podcast series. The series has gone on to such acclaim they are holding an “live sensory event” in New York City at a secret location on Friday October 10th.

Inside the mix you’ll find his two aliases, his own and Scuba Death, in addition to 16 other tracks from artists that share his propensity for using tools to craft a kind of technologic ethnicity.

Click around the tracklisting below to get to know Ricardo and his friends. And turn the lights down or close your eyes with this one. It arcs through ambient grooves, plumbs the depths of submariner sound only to emerge awash with brilliant sunlight.

1. Koenraad Ecker – Decline (Digitalis)
2. Badawi – Tired Soldiers (Asphodel)
3. Eric Holm – Høyvika (Subtext)
4. Scuba Death – Helium Tremors (Further)
5. Roly Porter – Cloud (Subtext)
6. Milton Bradley – Reality is Wrong (Prologue)
7. Monolake – Plumbicon [Rebreather Mix] (Imbalance)
8. Yves De Mey – Disperse (Semantica)
9. Xhin – Claw Eyes (Semantica)
10. Edit Select – Distance (Prologue)
11. Recondite – Equilibrium (Dystopian)
12. Donato Dozzy – K1 (Further)
13. Ricardo Donoso – Child Primitive (Digitalis)
14. Yuka – Snow Fox (Pro-Tez)
15. Regis – Falling the Same Way (Sandwell District)
16. Antix – Box of Birds (Iboga)
17. Jo Johnson – In the Shadow of the Workhouse (Further)
18. Pilotpriest – Thief / Body Double (self-released)

Maybe make plans to visit NYC in October? As Ricardo himself put it:

“Gonna be sick, Alessandro‘s new record is dope.”

Turns out we actually wrote about Alessandro just last week.

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