Durkin and Black El Back at it with “White ’95 Maxima” … Opens for Brenmar Friday


Once again our friend Durkin is at the production game and once again has received international attention. This time from Fact Magazine:

El confidently utters smart truths over a beat that sounds as if it’s taken the back door out of Studio 54. ‘White ’95 Maxima’ follows last week’s sizzling ‘Olde English 800‘, and we’re hoping the flurry of activity has at least something to do with a more substantial drop in the coming months. Black EL’s definitely got the chops to handle the attention, and there’s no doubt that Boston needs him right now.

Some Boston shouts inside include Good Life, JK, I-93 and the chorus goes like this:

“Rolling butta dimes in the Maxima / Dream of Africa in the passenger / And we cruise.”

All this leads up to Durkin opening for Chicago’s own Brenmar at this Friday’s latest installment of Dream Club.

Click the image to get taken to the RSVP:


Did you know? Durkin produces in Ableton, making beats and sounds that get international attention. Want your music to get international attention? Start inside the lab.

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