Machinedrum in Session at Resident Advisor


Make no mistake, we love Machinedrum here at Mmmmaven. Travis played the first-ever show at Together Boston in 2010 and when he brought his live Vapour City tour to Brighton Music Hall, we jumped at that chance too. As Resident Advisor says:

There are a few aspects of the latest Machinedrum live show that are notoriously tricky to get right. For starters, the set is based on a concept album, itself so often a creative dead-end. Then there’s the presence of a drummer, something that rarely makes sense with club music. And it’s also important to consider the music’s tempo, which regularly exceeds 160 BPM. All of which makes it doubly impressive that the show is killer.

There are plenty of critics that say that electronic music cannot be performed live and there’s no live aspect to “EDM.” Travis, MachineDrum and Vapour City prove them all wrong:

Are you a drummer? Drummers love Ableton. All musicians love Ableton in the end. Join us inside the lab today and watch what it can do for you.

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