Ricardo Donoso Unveils Erfunden Podcast Playlist

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A few months back, our cutting-edge music producer and friend Ricardo Donoso made waves creating a dark, rolling, even bleak podcast for well-regarded podcast series Erfunden. In their own words:

Erfunden | a project unites music and art as a conceptual whole. different view of the work aimed at is to show the other side of the various musicians and artists, to give an opportunity to show their alter ego. Erfunden is something mystical and mysterious. each podcast as a kind of story, which is based on the hidden meaning and soul of the creator …

In the comments, any and all number of people were clamoring for a tracklisting. One that includes some delightfully terrifying ambient drones and polyrhythmic techno. As they point out:

Ricardo Donoso is a composer, percussionist, and electronic musician from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, who currently lives in Boston. Having participated in a slew of projects over the years, most notably playing drums for avant death metal unit Ehnahre and being one half of the ever morphing electronic duo Perispirit, Ricardo‘s vast musical vocabulary spans from jazz to classical, drone, techno to noise and everything and anything in between.

Listen to the mix and click through the playlist below, which Ricardo made available via his Facebook page just today.

SawF – Sand#1
The Stranger – Providence or Fate
Roly Porter – Arrakis
Emptyset – Point
Yves De Mey – Transfer#2
Miles – Loran Dreams
Murcuf – Reflejo
Yuka – Snow Fox
Sigha – My Blood is Gold
Oscar Mulero – Black Propaganda (Perc Remix)
Motor – Pleasure in Heaven (Xhin Remix)
Tommy Four Seven – Talus (Lucy Remix)
Rrose – Onceless

Ricardo is much more than a DJ and is available to travel to your event to re-create his accomplished soundworld live. It’s a noise to behold. To do so, email Alex today.

Mr. Donoso is an accomplished musical mind who became more famous and revered once he channeled his talents through technology. You can be like him bu starting on your new musical journey today.

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