Ricardo Donoso has become Scuba Death

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Among all our talented and individual artists, Brookline’s Ricardo Donoso is the most internationally-known. With his appearance at Sonar Festival in 2012, the Brazilian-born and Berklee-trained composer cemented his CV as formidable.

Now, under the name Scuba Death, he is transforming again.

This music is rich in atmosphere while still tethered to the deeper ideas that Donoso often explores in his work. Treatises on fear and death ­anxiety, the underlining thematic framework for the project, run rampant throughout these claustrophobic electronic passages, and teeter on the edge of being oppressive.

The release, named Nitrogen Narcosis, is partly based on Donoso’s near-death experience early on in his life, when he almost drowned. As you can imagine, the entire 6-song album is soaked in dark sonic imagery:

Scuba Death is seeing release on Further Records. A very well-regarded label having seen their music charted by DJs like Nina Kraviz, Daniel Avery, The Black Dog, Levon Vincent and many more.

Ricardo is no stranger to turning abstract ideas into art. His last record, Assimilating the Shadow, was all about Jungian psychological concepts. As Brad Rose says in a 2012 article from the Boston Globe:

“Each detail in the work and the way that each smaller piece of music led to, as a listener, understanding the whole, the bigger picture he was presenting always struck me as impressive. He’s a master at taking these big ideas, like the idea of the shadow in Jungian psychology on his most recent album, and breaking them down into small, sonic nuggets. It blows me away.”

Nitrogen Narcosis will be released on vinyl in August. You can pre-order it here (only 98 left!)

Ricardo’s accomplished sound world is a delight to experience live. To get a conversation started about Ricardo visiting your venue, email Alex today.

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