Against the Clock: Luke Abbott

Against The Clock

Against the Clock’s viewer contest may have ended, but FACT TV is keeping their innovative series going with Luke Abbott stepping up to the plate in this installment of Against the Clock.  If you didn’t know an exciting series where notable producers are given 10 minutes to craft a song from scratch.

Addison GrooveKiNKxxxy, and Huxley have given it a shot, but Luke Abbott takes a unique approach that relies on his  mastery of modular synths.

It’s obvious that Luke knows exactly what he’s doing as he seemingly plugs random wires into a massive synthesizer and perfectly orchestrated noise emanates. After he’s finished, he even takes the time to explain his equipment and how some of it functions to top it all off.

Making a song in 10 minutes (or making a song at all) is not an easy feat. If you’re not ready for the challenge yet, try checking out our music production course so we can help you prepare for the next competition.

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